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Welcome to our “Workshops” section, where each learning experience is uniquely designed to nurture creativity and enhance programming skills. 
So, are you ready to take your kids on a captivating coding adventure ? 


Immerse your child in the colorful and interactive world of Scratch! Designed to arouse curiosity and stimulate creativity, this workshop will allow your child to design their own tories, games and animations. It’s never too early to start coding, and Scratch is the perfect tool for beginners.

With its clear and concise syntax, Python is the ideal tool for introducing advanced programming concepts. In this workshop, your child will  learn how to solve logic problems, create simple applications and become familiar with the fundamentals of programming.

Dive into the exciting world of web development with our HTML/CSS workshop. Your children will learn the basics of creating attractive, interactive websites using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They will learn to use HTML to structure their content, CSS to style it, and JavaScript to add dynamic functionality.

Prepare for competitive coding challenges

Our preparation program for the Algoréa Concours helps students enhance their coding and algorithmic skills through guided practice sessions, mock contests, and personalized feedback. Perfect for all levels, this program prepares you to excel in this competitive programming contest.

Developed by the French Ministry of National Education, the PIX vertification measures abilities in areas such as information search, communication, content creation, and data protection. At Early Eyes Education, we prepare them to succeed and obtain this certification.

Our preparation program for “La Piscine” at 42 coding school equips you with the essential skills to excel in this intensive, month-long coding bootcamp. Our experienced tutors guide you through the fundamentals, ensuring you are ready to thrive in this challenging yet rewarding experience. 

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