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Python Programming Workshop

Python Programming Workshop

Course Title: Python Programming Workshop

Description: Our Python workshop offers an exciting introduction to the world of programming using one of the most popular and versatile languages. Children will learn to write Python code to solve problems, create games, and explore the possibilities of this powerful language.

Objectives: This workshop aims to guide children through the fundamentals of Python programming, enhance their logical thinking skills, and empower them to develop their own projects.

39,99 49,99  inc. VAT

Topics Covered:
– Introduction to Python syntax, data types, control flow, functions and more
– Control structures: loops and conditionals
– Functions and modular programming
– Data manipulation and visualization
– Game development with Pygame

Coding Projects:
1. Number Guessing Game: Create a program where the player guesses a random number within a given range.
2. Text Adventure: Design an interactive text-based game where players make choices and navigate through a story.
3. Data Visualization: Develop a program to visualize data using graphs, charts, and other visual representations.
4. Mini Project: Build a small-scale project of their choice, applying the concepts learned during the workshop.
5. Showcase Project: Present a larger-scale project that demonstrates their creativity and proficiency in Python.

XP to earn: 300-1600

Entry level:Sparrow – Designed for learners with little to no previous coding experience.

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