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HTML/CSS Programming Workshop

HTML/CSS Programming Workshop

Course Title: HTML/CSS Programming Workshop

Description: In our HTML/CSS workshop, students will learn the building blocks of web development. They will acquire the skills to create and style web pages using HTML for structure and CSS for design, while exploring the possibilities of web design and layout.

Objectives: This workshop aims to provide children with a solid foundation in web development, enabling them to create their own web pages and understand the principles of user interface design.

39,99 49,99  inc. VAT

Topics Covered:
– Introduction to HTML: tags, elements, and basic structure
– Styling with CSS: selectors, properties, and layout techniques
– Creating interactive web pages with HTML forms
– Responsive design and media queries
– Introduction to JavaScript and interactivity

Coding Projects:
1. Personal Website: Design and code a personal website showcasing their interests, achievements, and hobbies.
2. Recipe Page: Create a web page that displays a recipe with proper formatting and styling.
3. Portfolio Gallery: Build a gallery of their own artwork, photographs, or other creative projects.
4. Interactive Form: Design and implement an HTML form with input validation and interactive features.
5. Custom Project: Develop a unique web project of their choice, applying advanced HTML and CSS techniques.

XP to earn: 300-850

Entry level: Swan (Intermediate)

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