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Scratch Programming Workshop

Scratch Programming Workshop

Course Title: Scratch Programming Workshop

Description: In our Scratch workshop, children will dive into the exciting world of coding and creativity. They will learn how to create interactive stories, animations, and games using Scratch, a visual programming language.

Objectives: The workshop aims to introduce children to the fundamentals of coding, develop their problem-solving skills, and foster their creativity through hands-on projects.

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Topics Covered:
– Introduction to Scratch and its user interface
– Understanding basic coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, and variables
– Creating interactive stories and animations
– Designing and programming games

Coding Projects:
1. Labyrinth Challenge: Build a maze game where the player navigates through a challenging labyrinth.
2. Musical Jam: Create a music composition program where users can experiment with different sounds and beats.
3. Animated Story: Develop an interactive story with characters, dialogues, and animated scenes.
4. Virtual Pet: Design a virtual pet simulation, complete with feeding, playing, and caring for the pet.
5. Creative Showcase: Showcase their creativity by designing and coding their own project.

XP to earn: With each completed project, earn experience points to level up! This course offers a total of 280 XP.

Entry level:Sparrow- No previous coding experience? No problem! This course is crafted for beginners.

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